#5 Overpriced
When a home is overpriced, clients will potentially cross it off of their list. They might go see it, but they will probably wait for it to be reduced. Mentally, they’ve already crossed it off of their list, though, so the chances of them going back to it are pretty slim. When a home is overpriced it is going to sit, and if it sits for more than a few weeks buyers start to wonder, what’s wrong with that house? If it’s still there, it’s stale. You never want a stale listing.

#4 Glaring Projects
Whether a bright purple kids room, or a hole in the wall, or a broken light fixture, any projects that clearly need to be done are going to be a turn off to a potential buyer. You may have even priced the home accordingly but buyers typically get turned off by seeing things that need to be done as soon as they walk in a home. They want to be able to move in to a “new” home.

#3 Too Much Clutter
When you’re showing a home, you really want to depersonalize the space and remove as much clutter as you can. It makes it hard for the buyer to see the home through clutter to envision themselves living there. Now that everyone watches HGTV there is an expectation that the home will be nicely staged and not cluttered.

#2 Dirty Appearance
When a home is clearly dirty, buyers are not going to stay in the home long. Stains on the carpet, finger prints everywhere, food crumbs, dirty bathrooms, are all items that aren’t going to attract a buyer. It’s important to see your home through a buyers eyes when you are preparing it for sale.

#1 Foul Odors
From the moment we walk into a home, the very first thing a buyer will notice is the odor. If the home is fresh smelling, or smells like fresh paint, we’re off to a good start. If there are pet, food or smoke or other foul odors the tour is basically done before we even walk inside. Sometimes the people living in the home don’t notice the odors because they are used to them, but a good agent will be able to address this prior to listing the home.

The key to remember is that a home is like any other item on a shelf in a store. You want that item to really be packaged well, to look nice, smell nice, to appear brand new, and to grab the buyers attention. Price your home well to begin with. Fix any projects that clearly need to be done professionally. Make sure to have the house professionally cleaned and remove as much clutter as possible. Hire a professional stager if you need help with decluttering and making the best use of space. Paint the house in a nice “greige” (gray-beige). Use some plug ins, open windows occasionally and be sure there are no odors. Extra credit: Fresh flowers in the home are always a nice touch when buyers come through.

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