#Manifesto 2018

In 2018, I am going to be CRUSHING IT! I’m ready for success!

I will be patient, persistent, and passionate. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I will listen more, especially to the marketplace, and talk less. I will be more curious, asking more questions and not operating on assumptions.

I will serve others humbly and with integrity, the consumer always wins.

I will be a winner, both in my attitude and the way I treat others.

I will not let fear of success stand in my way.

I will not be caught up in what others are doing, I will focus on my own goals, dreams, ambitions, successes and try to be the best version of me in the process.

I will not be distracted by the every day annoyances, failures, frustrations and disappointments.

I will hustle and grind with grit and discipline, relentlessly. I will focus on progress not perfection.

I will be open to the Lord’s leading and will work diligently as unto Him.

I will not self sabotage my own efforts, keeping my foot on the gas and building momentum with each success.

I will think about how I can maximize each thing I complete – so that I can repackage, redesign and redistribute my work.

I will make time for family, and set them as my highest priority.

I will be more positive, open to possibilities and keeping a more upbeat attitude, asking “what if” instead of saying no way.

I will document my work and in the process create content.

I will become valuable by providing value.

I will focus on speaking to my converted tribe, not evangelizing to the others.

I will strive to utilize more empathy & self awareness, being vulnerable and approachable. I’m ready for this to be my best year yet.

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