What should you expect when you buy a model or “spec home” from a builder?

A model home features upgrades to show the builder’s floorplans to advantage. If you can wait until the builder sells all their inventory, you may get the model at the initial offer price and with more upgrades than other homes in the neighborhood.

A “spec” home is move-in ready. The clock is ticking on the builder’s bank loans, materials and labor, so if you’re preapproved by a lender and have no contingencies to delay closing, you can move in quickly.

Many builders have their own contracts, so you should be represented by me. Builders won’t negotiate price because of other homes in the subdivision, but I may be able to negotiate free or at-cost upgrades like adding a fence or back yard sod. I can help you negotiate better terms, see you through inspections, and make sure the builder performs as expected.

Shop for new homes with me, and if you can’t, inform the builder or their in-house salesperson that you’re represented and offer my contact information. Builders won’t pay our brokerage fees if you bring me in after you’ve already toured the model or spec home.