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Using Gifts for A Down Payment

Using Gifts for A Down Payment Merry Christmas, homebuyer! Don’t cash Mom and Dad’s check yet! Your loan could be denied if the money isn’t carefully documented. Why? Gifts can cause confusion. Is your parents’ money a gift or a loan? Unless the terms are clearly defined, don’t mix the gift with your own funds. […]

Hiring a General Contractor

When you hire a general contractor to remodel your home, it’s helpful to know what to expect, so start with the design you want. Are you doing a complete remodel? Updating a kitchen or bathroom? Adding square footage or moving walls and plumbing will require professionals to ensure the project turns out the way you […]

Remove Pet Stains from Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor’s finish is designed to protect it from unwanted moisture, but pet stains are trickier to clean. Even if pets have never wet the floor, they may think they have to mark over pet stains from previous households. Pets will also return to their own previously “marked” areas. If you get there in […]

Piedmont Club

I noticed the pretty fall decor welcoming me to come inside, as I entered the club on a brisk fall day. Although a little early for my meeting,  Membership Director RJ Johnson was happy to meet with me in the Members-only bar. While there, I experienced the sense of community of this club as members […]

Moving Guide

Once you’ve purchased your new dream home, your mind is probably full of the details you nee to handle to leave behind your current home and establish your new lifestyle. While you probably have a personal list that involves farewell parties with friends, here are some reminders of things you’ll need to take care of […]

Top 5 Turnoffs For Home Buyers

#5 Overpriced When a home is overpriced, clients will potentially cross it off of their list. They might go see it, but they will probably wait for it to be reduced. Mentally, they’ve already crossed it off of their list, though, so the chances of them going back to it are pretty slim. When a […]

How to Prepare Your Property for Sale

1. Clean your house from top to bottom. Whether it’s hiring a professional or just using some good old elbow grease, the home needs to look and feel brand new. One of the best ways to do this is to thoroughly clean it. 2. Have uniform paint and flooring throughout. This presents a “clean slate” […]